Attibe Innolif

Attibe Innolif Hifu Device + ULTRASONIC Moisture Gel II 100ml X 2pcs

Attibe Innolif Hifu (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Device is a convenient beauty device that specializes in skin elasticity and lifting improvements. Made in Korea, this compact machine can be used with one hand and is ultra-portable. Attibe Innolif has been clinically tested via the P&K Skin Research Center – used daily, it can improve and lift the skin of your eye wrinkles as well as the eyes, cheeks and also the corners of the mouth. Attible Innolif Hifu technology has also been clinically tested to show elasticity improvements of the skin surface, internal skin elasticity and resilience!

Each Attibe Innolif Hifu machine comes with ULTRASONIC Moisture Gel II 100ml X 2pcs which further compliments the usage of the device’s Ultrasound Technology for better effective management. The Moisture gel by Attie is clear in texture and is highly reliable and absorbent during penetration of the skin.

Specifications :

Size————————————————————————————————75 x 75 x 83mm
Weight——————————————————————————————220g (Cartridge included)
Button———————————————————————————————Power, operation button
Rated voltage and power consumption ———————100-220V
Frequency ———————————————————————————7.5 MHz
Certification——————————————————————————KC, CE, RoHS, SRRC
Manufacturer, country of manufacture ———————HIRONIC / KOREA

1-year warranty for device, 6 months warranty for battery & cartridge

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