Attibe Thinbe (Massage Cream will be delivered within 7 working days)

ATTIBE ThinBe – Multipurpose Bodycare Device + Attibe Body Massage Cream 150ml X 2pcs

Made in Korea, the clinically tested and confirmed Attibe ThinBe cordless multi-purpose handheld device is great for muscle stress relief and muscle-toning. With Mid-frequency technology, the body care device by Attibe ThinBe focuses on improving the elasticity and thickness of the skin, with visible improvement effects in just one use. Convenient and portable, using Attibe ThinBe for just 10 minutes on the abdominal area each day can generate the same effect as doing sit-up for 150 times with its advanced muscle relaxing and contracting functions.

Attibe ThinBe is equipped with automatic safety functions and skin contact sensing. The ThinBe device comes with 5 different modes (Soft/Hard) for muscular motion, and LED therapy of 3 wavelengths (Blue 468nm – skin sterilization, Yellow 592nm – skin brightening, Red 638nm – skin elasticity improvement) for focusing on improved skin aesthetics.

Specifications :

Size————————————————————————————————115 x 115 x 90mm
Battery——————————————————————————————3.7V / 1,800mAh
Rated voltage and power consumption ———————100-220V
Frequency ———————————————————————————990Hz~1,010Hz / 16V~40V (5 levels)
Certification——————————————————————————KC, CE, FCC, RoHS, SRRC, CQC
Manufacturer, country of manufacture ———————HIRONIC / KOREA

1 year warranty

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