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Attibe PLANIC – Plasma and galvanic device

Attibe Planic – Plasma & Dual Galvanic Device

Super portable and suitable for all skin types, Attibe Planic multipurpose device is specially created for calming troubled/sensitive skin as well as skin elasticity and absorption rate of skin care products. Made in Korea, Attibe Planic features a sharp curve head design to use around the eyes and nose area.

Plasma & Dual Galvanic technology contains ion+ function that helps removes dirt and unclog your skin from deep within and also ion – function which boosts skin penetration. These plasma ions transfer invisible energy of 20 to 50㎛ to the skin and features a vibration mode to further maximize its effects. 

Attibe Planic is safety tested and is KC, CE, and RoHS certified

How to use Attibe Planic – Plasma & Dual Galvanic Device:
(Charging time: about 2 hours)

1. Apply facial cleanser (Gel / Cream is fine, as long as it is not too watery) to a full or focused position.

2. Export function, the whole face/focus position, two or three times is enough (1-2 times a week is enough).

3. Clean the surface by cotton pad, and use paper to clean the machine head

4. Plasma function, use on dry face and hands. The machine head must be dry as well. Use about 2 minutes is enough. Focus on acne area, 20 seconds more is enough.

5. For face and neck, can use about 2-3 minutes. If you worry the cream on neck will be absorb very quickly, then you should apply the cream on neck before finishing.


Size: 50 x 63 x 166mm

Battery: 1,800mAh (3.7V)

Weight: 178g

Charging time: 2 hours

Button: Power, operation button

Certification: KC, CE, RoHS


Galvanic: 1KHz / DC 20V / 1mA

Manufacturer, country of manufacture: HIRONIC / KOREA

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1 year warranty

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