L:A Bruket 063 Sea Salt Scrub ( Sage/ Rosemary/ Lavender )

Suitable for: All skin types. 


effectively counteracts dry patches of skin as well as dry elbows

removes dead skin cells

calms and softens skin 

helps Stimulate circulation


sea salt, almond oil, essential oil of sage, rosemary and lavender

How to use:

Use approximately 1-2 times/ week on dry skin for a heavier peeling or on wet skin for a mild effect. Massage the scrub in circular movements all over the body and focus a little extra on dry patches. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry with a towel. Apply some body lotion or body butter for extra comfort and to keep moisture throughout the day. Not for facial use.

420 g| Made in Sweden by L:A Bruket

430.00 HKD

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