Between You & the Moon – Vita-C Nightly Cleanser 60ml

Suitable for: All skin types.

This luxurious and earthy cleanser has been formulated with natural ingredients that have been known to promote the growth of healthy tissues after they have shown signs of topical irregularities (discoloration and texture) that are the result of past damage from acne, environmental exposure, and glycation.


The cool, musky essence extracted from the roots of Vetiver has a soothing effect on both the physiological body and the mind, even as it actively promotes healthy new cell growth.


Tulsi is known in the herbal medicine world as an adaptogen that aids in the stabilization of physiological processes and promotes homeostasis at the same time that it supports cellular detoxification. These qualities make it especially protective against oxidative, metabolic, toxicant (radiative), and environmental stress.

How to Use:

At night: 4-5 pumps of cleanser into your palm and massage into wet or dry skin with your fingertips. Remove with a steamy wet washcloth. Follow with a few sprays of Mineral Mist, such as Vita-C Brightening Botanical Mist and a gentle lymphatic massage before going to bed.

60 ml | Made in USA by Between You & the Moon

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