Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian Rose Water – Amber Glass Bottle

Suitable for: All skin and hair types
Especially for dull and uneven skin.


Alteya’s Pure Organic Rose Water is Therapeutic and Food Grade product. By using a unique distillation technique, which embodies century-old traditions and modern technology, we distill a special grade rose water that completely preserves the synergy of the rose plant.

100% organically grown and ethically harvested from our family rose farm in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley.

-Therapeutic, cleansing, and detoxifying
-Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, and balancing
-Anti-aging and moisturizing
-Rejuvenating, stimulating, and harmonizing
-Digestion-stimulating and antiseptic
-Food and beverage flavor enhancer


100% pure steam distilled rose flower water

How to use:

-Can be used for skincare/hair care
-Spray it directly on face, body, and hair at any time
-Suitable for all skin types, can be used as a facial toner and moisturizing spray
-Can be used on the skin after makeup to help replenish moisture and increase skin brightness
-Provide essential nutrients for hair, daily use can enhance hair brightness and radiate a natural luster

120ml | Made in Bulgaria

140.00 HKD

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