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Mességué – Lemongrass Essential Oil 10ml

Rub the lemongrass leaves, and the pungent lemon aroma will immediately spill out. Most hot Southeast Asian countries will add this sweet and sour aroma when cooking food. In addition to stimulating appetite, it can also be antibacterial. The famous Thai hot and sour soup is added lemongrass. In addition to its use to deal with antibacterial and antiviral problems, lemongrass essential oil is the most prominent place, and it also deals with various circulation problems such as leg swelling, so it is one of the essential oils in the “slimming leg” formula. Recent research indicates that lemongrass can regulate the secretion of dopamine, which is a kind of “creative hormone”. For people with chronic fatigue syndrome or those who feel that life is boring, they can invigorate their creativity and find a fresh life.


Physiological effect: anti-mold, improvement and relief of leg swelling

Psychological effect: giving power to change

How to use:

Legs and feet strong formula (5%): lemongrass 4 drops + grapefruit 4 drops + juniper berries 2 drops + base oil 10ml massage legs

10 ml | Made in France by Mességué

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