L:A Bruket 249 Hair Mist Seven Flowers (Limited Edition) 50ml

Inspired by Swedish folklore, Seven Flowers is a hydrating, protective hair mist, with a scent that evokes the mysticism of summer solstice, when on Midsummers’ eve, it is believed that if you pick seven different flowers and place them under your pillow, your sleep will be filled with dreams of your future love.

A natural hair mist that leaves the hair delicately perfumed, hydrated, strengthened and protected against outer environmental factors. Containing seven floral extracts: Mallow, Alchemilla, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Speedwell, Yarrow, Primrose.

A fresh, floral synergy, that will fragrantly dress all hair types. A natural composition formulated without alcohol to respect the hair fiber.

This scented hair mist is infused with the L:a Bruket Seven Flowers scent, evoking the memory of a sun-soaked solstice, dappled with Swedish folklore, flower crowns, drinking games and grass-stains.

How to use:

At a distance of 15cm from the head, after spraying on the hair, gently move the hair to spread the fragrance evenly.

50 ml | Made in Sweden by L:A Bruket

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