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L:A Bruket 135 Sea Salt Scrub (Marjoram/ Eucalyptus)

Suitable for: All skin types. 



-counteracts dry patches of skin as well as dry elbows

-softens skin and helps stimulate circulation

-effectively removes dead skin cells


sea salt, almond oil, essential oil of marjoram and eucalyptus

How to use:

Use approximately 1-2 times/ week on dry skin for a heavier peeling or on wet skin for a mild effect. Massage the scrub in circular movements all over the body and focus a little extra on dry patches. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry with a towel. Apply some body lotion or body butter for extra comfort and to keep moisture throughout the day. Not for facial use.

420 g| Made in Sweden by L:A Bruket

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