Intelligent Nutrients PureLuxe Replenishing Leave-in Conditioner


Silky, lightweight cream softens, smoothes and improves combability. Helps reduce from future breakage and protect from heat styling.




Fortifies Moisturizes & Smooths

Intense plant protein trifecta of concentrated baobab, soy and quinoa provides continuous replenishment to fortify, moisturize and protect, all while improving manageability without weighing hair down, dulling or leaving a residue. Provides continuous replenishment. Helps reduce breakage and protects from heat styling – no dulling or weighing hair down.

  • Silky, lightweight cream softens, smoothes and improves combability
  • Helps reduce from future breakage and protect from heat-styling
  • 42% improvement in shine*
  • 21% improvement in combability*
  • 10% reduction in frizz**

*BASED ON LAB AND CLINICAL STUDIES. **75% humidity chamber for 4 hours.

Directions for use:

Apply ends to root to wet hair for all day conditioning.
On dry hair warm in palms and smooth over dry ends or crown for moisture, shine and controlling flyaways.
Massage excess in hands, arms and legs for moisture and to reduce static.
Mix with Hair & Scalp Treatment Remedy in hand and work into damp hair, starting at the ends and working toward scalp for desired effect.
Scrunch into damp hair and you’ve got an amazing styling base.
Add to fringe for a touch of definition. 4. Use to diffuse curls or to power a blowout.
Use as a blowout styling aid for coarse, thick hair.
Apply to coarse, textured, curly hair to enhance curls and add moisture and shine.
Apply to wet hair before heat styling for protection from thermal damage.

Format: 150 ml

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