Between You & the Moon – Cow Fart Activator 30ml

Cow Fart Activator is a mineral-rich herbal hydrator that increases the overall effect of Cow Fart Juice (or other oil-based products) by adding ample hydration that enhances penetration as well as offers up specific minerals that that the skin needs. Cow Fart Juice when applying over eczema-like conditions.

Cow Fart Activator is helpful to get the most out of Cow Fart Juice, particularly in cases of chronic skin irritations. Along with the soothing properties of Tulsi and Witch Hazel, we have specially formulated this mist with the active botanical power of camphor and the other traditional herbs used in Cow Fart Juice to work perfectly in conjunction.


Quickly moisturize and relieve itching, strong penetrating power, replenish the substance, activate the Cow Fart Juice

Hydrophilic characteristics, cells are more receptive

Instantly replenish minerals needed by the skin, effectively repair damaged cells

Enhance the natural barrier function of skin muscles and enhance immunity


There are more than 70 kinds of trace natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake, an ancient seabed of 1500-2000 meters deep in the earth. Minerals make the body produce new good substances and cell elements. Exhaust the bad and aging substances.

How to Use:

Spray 5 sprays of Cow Fart Activator into 3 drops of Cow Fart Juice and apply to the affected area 2x daily. Cow Fart Activator can also be used alone by spraying directly onto the area or mixed into Cow Fart Cream to increase the mineral and absorption levels of the product. Also calms itchy skin when mixed into Cow Fart Cream.

30 ml | Made in USA by Between You & the Moon


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