Between You & the Moon – Clear Complexion Mineral Mist 60ml

Suitable for: All skin types. Especially for acne prone and over-active skin.

Between You & the Moon – Clear Complexion Mineral Mist is the perfect nourish and replenish duo – specially formulated for acne prone and over-active skin. Created through a distillation process, the Mineral Mist by Between You & The Moon is a great skincare aid to tackle problem skin and aging, using a potent blend of flowers and herbs.


– Moisturizing your skin

– Tackle problem skin, acne prone and over-active skin

– Prevent skin aging

– Skin detoxification

– Absorb more minerals though the skin

Hydro-distillates of Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgaris) & Lavender, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate (from an ancient sea bed 1500-2000 meters deep in the earth) over 70 trace minerals in varying amounts from the Great Salt Lake.

How to Use:
Method 1:  Mist it directly onto skin.

Method 2: Mineral Mists can also make a great addition to any mask. Use a few mists in addition to the water portion of a mask. Too much will make you tingle if you are low in certain minerals.

Method 3: Drip 3 drops of Nourish & Replenish Oil in your palm and then spray 5-6 pumps of Mineral Mist directly into the oil to emulsify the two. Rub your hands together and then massage into your skin. You may also mist into a cream or lotion to increase mineral content and hydration.

60 ml | Made in USA by Between You & the Moon


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